Seventeen: American Eagle Just Gave You the Best Holiday Gift Ever

American Eagle Just Gave You the Best Holiday Gift Ever: Dylan and Cole Sprouse’s Beautiful Faces

Close your eyes and let me take you back to a simpler time. A time when your primary source of eye candy was The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. All your OG childhood crushes Dylan and Cole Sprouse had to do was flip that long, shaggy hair, and swoon: Your preteen heart was captured.

Flash forward to November 2016. The hottest twins in Hollywood have only gotten more attractive over the years. Now comes word that they’re participating in American Eagle’s #WeAllCan holiday campaign (aimed at fighting hunger), their cherub faces shining like beacons of hope and sexiness.

Enjoy. No rush.

How do Dylan and Cole make stern expressions so enticing? They look like two hot teaching assistants in a chem class, frowning at you as they scold, “Why you didn’t do the homework?” but their eyes cry out, Love me.

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